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Get excited because it's that time of year! 3rd of July is quickly approaching and this year we are supporting our fellow East Lake Community small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This year's Annual 3rd of July Fundraiser is focusing on a community need that requires our urgent attention. We are asking everyone to help us help the Local Small Businesses in our community that are currently experiencing financial hard times. Hundreds of local business were affected by COVID-19 whether they were forced to close, could not keep their staff or just didn’t see the enough sales, we feel that, as part of our wonderful community, it is our turn to help.

This year all funds will be raised via our Blue Raffle, which will support us in buying gift cards to businesses around the community. All giftcards will be given as prizing for the Blue Raffle in addition to other gifts and our top prize of Free Boneless Wings for a Year. To purchase Blue Raffle tickets please visit us at East Lake VC or give us a call at 727-781-4455


Thank you for giving back to our community and helping us stay open during these unprecendented times - we couldn't do it without you! 

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