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2014 | JOE

Joe was diagnosed with cidp which impacts his nervous system. The disease had ravaged his body in  recent months and funds were needed to help Joe participate in a medical study in Chicago. Since 2014 Joe, a father and husband, has progressed from wheelchair bound to a healthy man managing his CIDP! Joe has returned to 3rd of July to help fellow families in need each year since!

2016 | LILY

Lily Grace James was born with bilateral microphthalmia, a rare genetic eye condition. Her condition requires scleral shells, an ocular prosthesis  worn over the eyes. The 2016 3rd of July fundraiser raised money to help the James family pay for the scleral shells and procedure!


The Movement School is a 501c3,non profit, magnet school for children with both neuro and physical challenges where students combine both physical movement and therapy with quality education during the school week. The original campus is located in Largo and is free for students through grants.


The Caceres Family is made up of single mom, Cathrine, and her three daughters. Her daughter Maryn was born with cerebral palsy and agenesis of the corpus callosum, meaning she is missing part of her brain. Maryn is wheelchair bound and unable to walk, speak, write or feed herself. The VC set out to help raise enough money and succeed in equipping Catherine's minivan with a wheelchair lift to assist with the difficulties of transporting a wheelchair.

2017 | ELLA

At 20 months old Ella was scheduled for tonsil removal. A catastrophe occurred and this routine surgery left Ella disabled. after extensive hospitalization and therapy ella was able to return home but the financial burden of therapy still weighs on her family. In 2017 we were able to raise over $20,000 for Ella's family!



While suffering from ongoing kidney issues that had been maintained successfully for years, Chelsea Trumbull suddenly felt half her body go numb. She was rushed to the hospital, where she remains on dialysis permanently until she can receive a kidney transplant. Chelsea and her husband Kody now face ongoing medical bills while raising a 6 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. Last year we helped to raise over $27,000 to cover the cost of Chelsea's medical expenses. 

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This year's Annual 3rd of July Fundraiser is focusing on a community need that requires our urgent attention. We are asking everyone to help us help the Local Small Businesses in our community that are currently experiencing financial hard times. Hundreds of local business were affected by COVID-19 whether they were forced to close, could not keep their staff or just didn’t see the enough sales, we feel that, as part of our wonderful community, it is our turn to help.

This year all funds will be raised via our Blue Raffle, which will support us in buying gift cards to businesses around the community. All giftcards will be given as prizing for the Blue Raffle in addition to other gifts and our top prize of Free Boneless Wings for a Year. To purchase Blue Raffle tickets please visit us at East Lake VC or give us a call at 727-781-4455


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